Staying a writer is the new challenge

I am applying to write features on a freelance basis for a magazine based in Munich targetted the USA consumers.

Its my first piece of working writing in American English!!!

Its not the replacing ‘s’ with ‘z’ but how they drop words out of their sentences that on this side of the Atlantic include.

Pay tuition – pay tuition fees.
Write me – write to me.

You get the idea?

So I have an an American English test to complete…..ahhhh

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Live picture of Australia from Space (via @CartoonDuJour)

What a wonderful day Saturday was!!! Proud to be Irish!!

Live picture of Australia from Space

via @CartoonDuJour

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Is non-fiction more about the pitch than the writing? (via writingluisa)

Luisa – very interesting. I am putting together non fiction proposal based on my blog – and it looks like a marketing persons dream – get preso right, demographics, budget and then WOW -pitch perfect.

I wrote a few weeks ago about trying to decide between fiction and non-fiction – at least for the course I’m studying. I said I didn’t believe I was a novelist, and readers congratulated me on my honesty. Well, now I’m not so sure. A good writer – I keep telling myself – can write well about anything, can make the banal beautiful. The problem is, with non-fiction, I’m not sure it works like that. I’m scrabbling around looking for ideas, and none … Read More

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Redundancy positive #18 Penguin Short Story Competition (via 200 Positives about Redundancy)

anynews yet?

Have I mentioned I have started my MA in Writing?  I think so, well I entered a short story competition recently – 2000 words of tension and drama!  2000 words which only took one evening to write, but took 4 weeks to re-read, edit, change, stick in a drawer for a week and then re-read; re-edit.  Ask a MA colleague to proof-read.  And finally get my husband to read. This is where it all takes a strange turn.  Part of my course was to try other 'g … Read More

via 200 Positives about Redundancy

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How to Get More Traffic (via News)


As soon as a blogger publishes their first post, their first question is: Where's all my traffic? Everyone assumes they're the only one seeking attention, when in truth nearly everyone is. It takes time to build an audience and no one gets much traffic without putting in the effort. Here at we want you to get more traffic, and we build features and services to help. It's been awhile since we've told you about them, so here are our t … Read More

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New Theme: Blogum (via News)

read this

New Theme: Blogum Today we are introducing a clean and minimalist theme, Blogum. Designed by WPShower, Blogum has a grid-based layout and is designed in a modern style. This very clean style allows your reader to precisely focus on your content. Blogum has a widget area in the right sidebar. It also includes a full-width template to hide the sidebar. You are able to c … Read More

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Without deadlines (via writingluisa)

we have sinus infections here too – ugly. Inhale menthol x

I’ve had an ear and sinus infection which just didn’t seem to want to shift and a busy few days at work so the last thing I wanted to do when I came home exhausted from the office was sit down and write. Fortunately it’s the first week of the summer break from my course so there have been no urgent deadlines to meet. When you’re in the habit of writing every day, though, giving it up is hard to do. Facing down an empty evening, during which I can … Read More

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